Upgraded to Windows 10

So I updated to Windows 10, with a fresh install on my trusty ZenBook UX31E. My first impression is actually quite good!

Windows 10 installed quite cleanly. much like the previous editions up from Windows 7. Downloading the Microsoft Content Creation Tool allowed me to skip the wait and download the OS directly on to my USB thumb drive, as a bootable device.
This meant that when I restarted with the thumb drive connected to my computer, Windows 10 installer loaded automatically.

Windows 10 is fast. It boots up quickly and is ready to go within seconds. I’m interested in seeing how long the system stays this way, as with any device, as you use it, cutter will eventually build up and slow the system. It also seems very intuitive, as opposed to Windows 8, which to be honest just didn’t make any sense to me.

As I am situated in Australia, I don’t get Cortana, yet. I did try to change my locale, region and language settings but to no avail, Cortana just would not show. None the less, I did play around with Microsoft’s new web browser, Edge, which I found to be quite responsive, and light on the resources. I did however revert back to my tried and tested, Chrome and my new favorite browser, Mozilla (In my experience, Mozilla is incredibly more resource friendly as opposed to chrome).

So overall, I’m happy with this release. My laptop works well with it, it’s quick, looks great and it was a great excuse to do a fresh install (which I recommend to anyone and everyone if you can). I’m missing some features such as the ability to control the speed at which my system is running, but all in all, I say definitely upgrade.